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CH052 Redox Standard Solution (POR) 220 mV (25ºC)


Redox Standard Solution (POR) 220 mV (25ºC) Reference: CH052 (250 ml) [GTranslate] The 220 mV redox standard solution (25ºC) is used for the verification of sensors and the correct operation of the redox / POR (oxidation-reduction potential) measurement systems. As in other solutions, the 220 mV redox standard, varies the values depending on the temperature, on the label of the bottle there is a table that shows the variation of the potential with the temperature. features The 220 mV redox standard is stable for a minimum period of 2 years from its manufacture, provided it is properly stored (avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures). Once the container is opened, to avoid contamination it is important not to insert electrodes, pipettes or other utensils into the container. Do not return solution residues to the bottle, keep the bottle open for as little time as possible and store it in a cool, dry place.