Cell conductivity/ CL200 / CL200T / ACL200T

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CL200 / CL200T Platinum Conductivity Cell

CL200 / CL200T / ACL200T

CL200 / CL200T / ACL200T Platinum Conductivity Cell

The CL200 cell is made up of two rectangular platinum plates that are parallel and separated from each other. The use of this cell is recommended for low conductivity samples, demineralized waters, high purity, etc ... The limitations of this cell are conductivities greater than 10,000 μS / cm and very dirty samples.

Temperature version

- CL200T with automatic temperature compensator (CAT) pt1000, telephone jack - ACL200T with NTC 30K Automatic Temperature Compensator (CAT), BNC + RCA connectors


– Constant: 0.1cm-1 (approximately)
- Working temperature: 30… 80 ºC
- Measurement scale: 0.1 μS / cm… 10,000 μS / cm.
- Diaphragm: open circular
- Electrolyte: solid
- Body material: glass
- Material plates: platinum
- Minimum immersion: 45 mm. 
- Connector: bananas