Cells of PVC-graphite/ CP600

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CP600 Graphite Conductivity Cell, C = 1 cm-1


The CP600 cell is made up of two parallel graphite electrodes (plates). Recommended for use in aqueous media in general, water of all kinds: network, well, waste, etc ... Also suitable for water-based paints and terrestrial soil. The limitations of this cell are conductivities greater than 40,000 μS / cm and samples containing solvents.


– Constant: 1cm-1 (approx.) 
- Working temperature: 10… 60ºC
- Measurement scale: 10 μS / cm… 40,000 μS / cm
- Body material: PVC
- Material plates: graphite
- Temperature sensor: Pt100 or Pt1000
- Thread: ½ ”for installation in pipe or probe MS1241
- Minimum immersion: 20 mm.
- Connector: MP5